How do I pay for the Autoscale Shopify App?

  1. Your customer pays you
    Your customer makes a purchase and pays you the retail price and shipping that you set.
  2. You pay to Autoscale
    Autoscale charges you for fulfillment and shipping.
  3. You make a profit
    The difference between your retail price and Autoscale price is your profit.


Once a customer places an order on your store, you receive the full payment from your customer through Shopify’s payment gateway (or other payment gateway you’re using for your online store). This payment is separate from the Autoscale app.

The order will be marked as paid in your Shopify account with an “Unfulfilled” status.

Once you sync your order with Autoscale products and send them to fulfillment, you will see the status of your order, Autoscale price and your profit.

Autoscale payments are processed using Stripe’s secure payments API.

You will have the opportunity to connect multiple payment methods and set a default method.

You can view any payment failures in your Autoscale: Print on Demand dashboard. If your payment to Autoscale fails, you can fix the payment method and retry or contact us. Your order will not be processed until payment is successful.