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About takes new merchandise to market and reduces the risks associated with typical product design, marketing, and ecommerce sales.

Through patent-pending technology, researches, designs and launches new product variations and optimizes targeted ads for the
right audience. Using advanced automation to analyze real-time consumer and purchasing data, ads get better while sales climb.

From Design to Fulfillment’s ability to integrate automated, data-driven product design with traditional Martech functions puts it in a league of its own.

Automated Product Design

A single human-sourced design is automatically transformed into thousands of variations for licensed and unlicensed

Automated Research Data

Using the generated data, recommendations improve performance without human involvement, eliminating human bias to deliver better results

Automated Product Launch

Search engine optimized listing descriptions are created on virtually any marketplace and sales channel, such as Amazon and Facebook

Automated Product Validation

Rapid validation demonstrates which products sell helping to determine appropriate SKUs to carry

Automated Sales Growth

Consumer insights drive real-time optimization of ads, SEO and audiences which drives sales growth

Sell Anywhere with Digital Platform Integrations

Integrate and sell products on virtually any sales channel or marketplace, including Amazon and Facebook.

Autoscale’s integrations ensure ad and sales data are used to continually maximize sales.

Saving time with 1-Click
ad launch

New distribution and publishing technology launches intelligent listings customized per platform, saving time and cutting costs so you can sell more.
  • Natural Language Processing
    Saves time by automating the keyword and listing generation across millions of SKUs.
  • Machine Learning Research
    Saves money with validated product development which identifies top trends and sellers.
  • Full-Automation
    Reduces headcount with automatically generated graphics and product designs.

Why’s patent-pending technology?

The apparel industry produces $20 billion in unsold inventory each year. Excessive waste eats away at profits. reduces product lifecycle waste suffered by D2C, B2B and wholesale product channels too. With traditional human-operated design and marketing, the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is increasing and shows no sign of slowing down.

Product market-testing is too slow with too many touch points, which is clogging pipelines to a grinding halt. When sales data isn’t informing future design, unsold inventory continues to drain the bottom line.’s AI-powered continued performance analysis means you get more efficient with every sale. No clogged pipelines, just optimized selling.

Direct Access to Markets Through PROVEN D2C TECHNOLOGY allows leaner teams to easily monitor and manage tens of thousands of
simultaneous product innovations and campaigns.

The Autoscale Effect allows leaner teams to easily monitor and manage tens of thousands of
simultaneous product innovations and campaigns.

Increase Product Margins

Decreased headcount, labor costs, and customer acquisition costs (CAC)

Supercharge Sales

Through expanded product lines, new verticals and smarter cross-sales

Decrease Waste

Through expanded product lines, new verticals and smarter cross-sales

Grow CLV

Using data insights to help you own a customer for life disrupting industries with new business models, products and services.

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