AutoScale Dashboard

AutoScale Dashboard powerful suite of executive tools empower you with unprecedented visibility, detailed insights, and powerful optimization controls over your campaigns, all at your complete control from one click on one screen.

One-Click Launches

AutoScale’s powerful artificial intelligence platform allows you to create the best ad image for any product in your catalog, construct the best and most responsive audience to it, launch it worldwide to the most targeted customer base possible, and rest assured that its performance will be carefully and automatically monitored and managed – all with one click. Read more about the components of AutoScale’s system that make this possible.

Platform Analytics

AutoScale’s Dashboard furnishes you with detailed insights into the most important metrics for every ad campaign on the¬†platform. Performance metrics such as the top performing ad creatives, best-selling and most-efficiently-selling products, and recommended audiences for targeting are all prominently displayed to give you the best possible information for fine-tuning your campaigns – or to sit back and let our comprehensive Rules Engine manage it for you.

Rules Engine

The backbone of AutoScale’s powerful optimization engine is yours to configure to suit the needs of your own social marketing plan. Easily adjust how the AutoScale Dashboard learns about your campaigns and optimizes them with simple and intuitive controls.

Campaign Automation

All the logic behind AutoScale’s automated campaigns and scaling are in plain view. AutoScale’s intuitive setup automates the creation of your ads as you add products to your catalog. You can easily change the criteria for scaling out successful campaigns as well as view performance metrics for every action taken.

In-Depth Targeting

Every segment of your customer base is collected, tracked, monitored, and tested. AutoScale conducts a detailed analysis of your customer base and automatically targets each group accordingly.

Creative Templates

AutoScale constructs the ideal ad creative for each SKU in your catalog. View each created ad template, the campaigns using it, and the associated performance statistics – all without needing to manually create any ads yourself.


All metrics in the Dashboard are up to date with the latest data, metrics, and KPIs. Each metric is continuously recalculated, ensuring that the criteria you use to drive decisions are all using the most up-to-date information.