DALLAS – Autoscale.ai announced today it has opened its proprietary software platform to allow large apparel retailers to automatically list, optimize and sell products on Amazon.


“There is no technology on the market today that does this,” said Autoscale CEO TK Stohlman. “I know because we tried to find it while trying to solve our own problem. Our solution can automate the sales process for more than 100,000 products per day for a single brand, from design to fulfillment.”


Autoscale owns and operates a proof-of-concept site, FanPrint.com, a large online retailer of licensed apparel. Autoscale’s automation technology has been used to generate more than $30 million in revenue for FanPrint and is now being made available to select apparel brands and licensors.


“Listing products, optimizing them for conversion and advertising them is a very manual, time-consuming and error-prone process,” Stohlman said. “We’ve built the first technology solution that brings it all together and automates the entire process at scale.”

Autoscale already works with organizations that want to sell licensed merchandise at scale, including the Major League Baseball Players Association and universities across the country, including prominent schools like LSU, Indiana University and the University of Iowa.


Autoscale will be taking on a small number of brands, Stohlman said, to help them capitalize on a promising holiday season for e-commerce.


For more information, visit: www.Autoscale.ai


About Autoscale.ai

Dallas-based software company Autoscale.ai leverages proprietary technology to automate product design, marketing, sales and fulfillment. Using patent-pending technology, Autoscale combines design and advertising tech to automate the product creation and digital marketing processes. Autoscale.ai also owns and operates FanPrint.com, a proof-of-concept retail platform with more than $30mm in sales of sports team merchandise.