AutoScale with True AI Technology

Automate the most time-consuming parts of digital marketing. Monitor and scale your business with confidence.

AI-powered industry-leading software that replaces your entire advertising strategy.

Intelligent Ad Creation with AutoScale

As customer tastes evolve, so should your ads. AutoScale continually tests, re-tests, and optimizes ads. Backed by the most recent data, campaign results are fed back into the AutoScale optimization engine so your best products are featured with the top performing ad copy to ignite sales.

  • Advanced machine-learning core scans entire product catalog
  • Ads created with ideal ad image for each SKU in your system
  • Dynamic templates incorporate product images directly from catalog

Dynamic Audience Construction for Effective Ad Targeting

By sifting through mountains of data, including audience, customer, and social interaction history, AutoScale combines data to generate the most effective ads targeted toward the most receptive audience.

Automate, Optimize & Scale: AutoScale

Continued learning about your campaigns, your customer base, your product catalog, and your criteria for managing and optimizing all of the above. 

Through an intuitive dashboard, you can create, adjust, and view sales results of leading campaigns and cut the cost of under-performing campaigns. The toolset for reacting to sales and adjusting your social marketing platform is entirely at your control and driven by AutoScale’s true artificial intelligence core.

AutoScale automatically replicates your most successful campaigns:

  • Conceive
  • Create
  • Promote

Now you can enjoy more revenue from your best campaigns